Statement from WifiForward on FCC Incentive Auction Report and Order

Date: Thursday, May 15 2014

Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved an order that sets the stage for an incentive auction that can advance both licensed and unlicensed wireless broadband. The FCC has found a compromise that will allow it to auction large bands for licensed wireless services while still permitting innovations in unlicensed technologies in at least three channels in every community in the nation. By ensuring that American consumers, businesses, schools, libraries, anchor institutions and local governments will have access to these three unlicensed channels across the country, the FCC has laid the foundation for the investment and innovation needed to develop a new class of 600 MHz unlicensed technologies.

WifiForward congratulates the FCC on this substantial achievement. But far more work remains to turn the promise of the 600 MHz band into a reality.

The FCC announced that it would now issue a series of important rulemaking notices to set the critical technical rules for unlicensed technologies. We strongly support the FCC’s efforts so far and look forward to working together to ensure a robust wireless economy supported by the most efficient and effective allocation of spectrum, one of our nation’s most valuable public resources.